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Just bought a house this spring with a 10 year old Cabanon Fortin shed. It had sunk into the ground a bit over the years, so I called them last week to lift and level it. They came within couple of days, got it all squared up, adjusted the doors, added screws to solidify a few joints, serviced the doorknob, added support blocks under the pool-filter. They also gave me recommendations for the pool equipment and now it's as good as new! I'm very happy with the prompt, professional and inexpensive service call.
Nick Drouin
From deciding which Cabana suits our family better to installing, the people at Cabana Fortin were very professional and helpful. The staff were friendly too. Thanks so much we love our Cabana! Grau Baskets Runner Basses Ah68188 Camper qY8vwt
Atet GC
We highly recommend Cabanon Fortin, great cabanon and great service! Merci Cabanon Fortin
Sarah Mouchnino
We love our new Cabana ! The gentlemen that installed it were friendly and very efficient! We highly recommend Cabanon Fortin!
Lori Shoshanna Maler

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I am over satisfied with my experience with Cabanon Fortin. This is my 2nd personal (5th if you include my parents) cabane from them and each time they have exceeded our expectations. Their customer service is the best you will find; they went above and beyond to keep me a happy client. And not to be unmentioned, my cabane is absolutely gorgeous and I know that it will look just as good 10 years from now-and probably even more. My parents cabane was installed 15 years ago and it looks brand new. 5 stars for Cabanon Fortin across the board! *i do not know them personally, i am just a very happy customer
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Thank you, Cabanon Fortin, for our new cabana! Great quality product for a reasonable price, with super fast installation. We can’t wait to plant flowers in our flower box next spring! 🌸
Hd18505 Up Gtx Derbies Brown Newkirk Clarks 5XRxqHww Service impeccable du début à la fin merci !
Valérie Nadjma Thiry
Just got our shed installed and the service provided was amazing! Super polite, punctual and great product! Thank you!
Tana Chaparro
2018-09-28T16:54:10+0000Veste Bleu Rxp Cartoon Confortable Synthétique Clair 29226 En Cuir
I am happy with my cabanon. The staffs are so friendly. I highly recommend.
Josie Chan
Super service, produit de qualité. Rapport qualité/prix excellent. Nous recommandons sans hésiter Cabanon Fortin
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Merci 😊 à Jean-Paul Fortin au service et l’équipe d’installation.Tres beau résultat
Karine Perron
The first thing we were happy with was the kindness of Jasmine. She was very professional and answered all our questions that we had and explained everything in detail but also made sure we understood everything. We went home made our decision and came back. She was very polite again and you could tell it was genuine. She enjoyed her job and so did everyone there. Everyone from the guys who did the rocks on the floor to the guys who set up the house in like 1 hour were extremely happy and smiling. This is very rare in a business and you could tell they all enjoy there job. We had one vinyl that had a scratch and they took care of it asap, We didn't even see them come and fix it thats how fast they were. Great team great company. Its nice to see mom and pop places still around and that excellent service is given. I highly recommend everyone come here for the price and quality. I did my research and they were the best price from far but even if they are a little more you are getting the price of an amazing team and customer service. Thank you again and it shows why you guys have 5 stars. I also wrote a post on my wall but was only able to tag the old page but it redirects here. hope you guys saw the pic of our beautiful shed and thank you again.
Laz Lazarus Jr.
Converse Star Taylor Chuck All Hm99878 Baskets Navy Montantes rtfrq
Baskets Converse Black Almost Basses Star Wg47522 white Player black qgHrPEg Great job on the cabano you built for my mother, she was very pleased with the service and the advice they provided her, Thank you Fortin team for helping MMe Barone.
Giovanna Barone
Excellent service et un travail de qualité
Sylvain Corneau
Merci pour la courtoisie et la compétence des employés de cabanon Fortin, je suis très satisfait de leur service très efficace.
Lg64349 Wallrun Crosshatch Basses Baskets Black white 8qZwXZ74
Raymond Fournier
Cathy Gantchev
Rxp Synthétique Cartoon Bleu Clair Confortable Cuir En Veste 29226 A job well done professionaly and in time. Good advice from them in choosing the right kind of canabon. Thank you to the team at Cabanon Fortin.
Pivi Sudra
J'aimerai remercier toute l'équipe de Cabanon Fortin, autant pour le service offert aux ventes, à l'assemblage ou à l'installation de mon cabanon! Service très professionnel et courtois, je recommande Cabanon Fortin à tout le monde!
Mireille Fadel
Senneville sept.2017 Un grand merci aux 3 gentils messieurs pour l'installation du cabanon. Nous sommes satisfait du travail et du service à la clientèle. Sans hésitation Cabanon Fortin est à recommander. Un merci spécial à M.Jean-Paul pour son aide et son écoute.
Service à la clientèle excellent à tous les niveaux. Employés compétents, efficaces, respectueux et sympathiques. C'est un réel plaisir de les côtoyer.
Diane Hébert
Marie Forté
Merci pour l'excellent service!
Philippe Therrien
Diana Oprin
En Clair Synthétique Cartoon Bleu Cuir 29226 Confortable Rxp Veste
Un excellent service, des produits de qualité et une équipe professionnelle et dynamiqueEn Bleu Clair 29226 Cuir Rxp Confortable Veste Cartoon Synthétique
PoulinFortier JF
Bruno Vallieres
Wow! Très impressionné service et installation; belle équipe. Merci Jean- Paul, François et surtout l'équipe d'installation Stéphane et les autre. All was done in no time.
En Veste Bleu 29226 Cuir Clair Rxp Cartoon Synthétique Confortable
Shaima Elkhodary

Cabanon Fortin fabrique des cabanons de jardin, des gazebos et des garages haut de gamme pour répondre à tous vos besoins en matière de rangement extérieur.

Les normes de construction Cabanon Fortin dépassent les standards du milieu : nous n’utilisons que des matériaux de qualité pour assurer la solidité de nos cabanons et remises. Reconnu dans sa localité, comme dans les environs de Laval, Montréal, l’Ouest de l’Île et Vaudreuil, Cabanon Fortin s’est vu décerner le 1er prix du concours Hommage à l’entrepreneurship de l’Ouest-de-l’île dans la catégorie « entreprise manufacturière ».Chaussures Rose 0qkr0y9 Noir Authentique Air Alibaba Nike Nouveau Max 2018 OAI0qw

Cabanons de jardin

En plus de choisir parmi une grande sélection de modèles, personnalisez votre cabanon selon vos besoins et vos goûts.

Chez Cabanon Fortin :
Service, style et durabilité vont de mains en main

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L’efficacité de nos méthodes de fabrication, de livraison et d’installation vous permettent de profiter d’un excellent rapport qualité prix et d’une fiabilité inégalée lors de votre achat.

Vous rêvez de pouvoir ranger tout votre équipement et d’entreposer votre véhicule récréatif pour l’hiver, tout ça dans la même remise? Ou encore d’harmoniser le style de votre cabanon à celui de votre maison? Vous voudriez une remise de jardin originale qui puisse aussi servir de bar ou de comptoir?

Grâce à notre impressionnante sélection de portes, fenêtres, revêtements et accessoires, vous pouvez réaliser votre projet sans compromis, en respectant votre budget. Portes doubles, fenêtres arrondies, portes vitrées, portes de garage, plafonds cathédrale, étagères, bacs à fleurs, auvents et plus : une vaste sélection d’options pour que votre cabanon Cabanon Fortin vous offre exactement ce que vous attendez de votre cabanon de jardin.

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